Auriculoterapia. Función digestiva, pancreática y hepatobiliar

Auriculoterapia para función digestiva, pancreática y hepatobiliar


Promote digestion, invigorate spleen, spleen 2, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, endocrine 2, mouth, improve appetite, dissipate fatigue, maldigestion, malnutrition, Indigestion, small intestine, large intestine, abdomen 1, abdomen 2, blind bile, omega 1, vagus 1, point zero, shenmen, sympathetic, triple warmer, master sensorial, pancreas, spleen 1, Abdominal distension, Abdominal distension area, liver 2, stomach, sanjiao, digestive subcortex, lung 2, Pelvic cavity, ascites, hypogastric nerve, solar plexus, Nausea, vomiting, esophagus, , occiput 1, Sea sickness, car sickness, inner ear, Esophagitis, cardia, chest 2, Gastritis, superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, sanjiao, liver-spleen disharmony, Gastrospasm, duodenum, lung 1, post. Hypothalamus, lung 2, anterior hypothalamus, minor occipital nerve, Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, Deficient stomach yin,abdominal pain, posterior stomach, intestine Groove, posterior duodenal ball, Insomnia, neurasthenia point, neurasthenia area,thalamus, psychosomatic, irritability, Acute gastroenteritis, bleed ear apex, rectum 2, sigmoid, calm the mind, occiput 2, Abdominal bearing-down sensation, abdominal distension, inflammation, Colitis, enteritis, Liver 1, Chronic pancreatitis, pancreas on left, gall blader 2 on right, diabetes on left Pancreas, endocrine 2 on left, bile duct on right, san jiao on right, duodenum, Pancreatitis, Improving gallblader function, Gallblader 2, spleen 2 on left, upper back and shoulder, endocrine 2, enhance enzymatic action, Distension, hepatitis 2, constipation, diarrea, posterior gall blader, gall Stones, rib rim, abdomen, Cholecystitis, cholangitis, Gall blader 1, Hepatitis, post-hepatic syndrome,Vagus, ear center, Cirrhosis, jaundice, Liver 1, hepatitis 1, liver yang 1, liver yang 2, testis, Irritable bowel, rectum 1, rectum 2, omega 1, master endoderm, Flatulence, Ascites, Intestinal dysfunction, Thalamus, Hemorrhoids,diaphragm, adrenal 2, pituitary 2, Rectal prolapse, fecal incontinence, Apendicitis, Appendix 1, appendix 2, appendix 3, appendix 4


Auriculoterapia. Dolor Musculoesquelético

Dolor Musculoesquelético


Master mesoderm, musculoskeletal disorders, darwin’s point, relieves painful back and aching lower limb conditions, omega 2, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, Weather point, weather changes, Prostaglandin 1, head, above ear apex, pain, Prostaglandin 2, pain, earlobe, Cerebellum, motor coordination, postural tonus, spasms, tremors, vertigo, depression, Frontal lobe, muscle tonus, motor paralysis, poor concentration, Parietal lobe, pain, tactile paresthesias, somesthetic disorders, stroke, Parathyroid, calcium metabolism, muscle cramps, Adrenal control, adrenal 1, adrenal 2, rheumatism, costicosteroids, shock, vascular distonia, hypersensitivities, allergies, infections, fever, skin disorders, Anterior pituitary, reproductive, Endocrine 1, endocrine 2, Thalamus, pain control, thalamic inhibitory pathway, Tranquilizer, reduces muscle tension, sedation, hypertension, Master cerebral, neurasthenia point, chronic point, obssessive, compulsive, psychosomatic disorders, Shenmen, anxiety, pain, tension, depression, Psychosomatic disorders, repression emotional experiences, Irratibility points, amygdala, anger, aggression, mania, sexual compulsions, Coxalgia, hip, low back pain, torticolis, neck pain, tension

Auriculoterapia Desórdenes Ginecológicos

Desórdenes Ginecológicos


Lobular Breast hyperplasia, breast, mammary 2, chest 2, pituitary 2, ovary 2, endocrine 2, sanjiao, liver 2, Mastitis, ear apex, bleed, occiput 2, andrenal 2, allergy area, Swollen mammary glands, mammary 1, chest 1, endocrine 1, occiput 1, Breast tenderness, point zero, brain 1, thalamus, Promote lactation, pituitary 2, stomach, Stimulate lactation, spleen 1, spleen 2, kidney 1, kidney 2, Regulate menses, ovary 2, uterus, Hypomenorrhea, amenorrhea, sympathetic, gonadotropin, coronary vascular subcortex, exciting point, Menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, diaphragm, adrenal 2, Dysmenorrhea, pelvis, lower jiao, reproductive line, Endometritis, endometriosis, sanjiao, lower jiao, cervix, Irregular menses, uterus 1, uterus 2, ovary 1, ovary 2, genital control, vagina, clítoris, external genitals, abdomen 1, abdomen 2, brain 1, Vaginismus, lung 1, posterior hipothalamus, lung 2, anterior hipothalamus, Cervicitis, ear appex, bleed, Salpingitis, fallopian inflammation, fallopian tube, lower jiao, Adnexitis, ovarian inflammation, adnexa, Pelvic inflammation, pelvis, Uterine lining inflammation, Hysteroptosis, pituitary 2, Menopause, anxious point, Induce labor, postpartum uteralgia, lumbar vertebrae, Infertility, shenmen, allergy 1, allergy 2

Auriculoterapia. Desórdenes Cardiovasculares

Desórdenes cardiovasculares


Dr. Huang, Terry Oleson, Hypertension, point zero, shenmen, ear apex, hypertension 1, hypertension 2, hypotensive Groove, heart 1, heart 2, cardiac plexus, sympathetic, adrenal 2, adrenal 1, master oscillation, thalamus, vagus, wonderful, kidney 1, kidney 2, omega 1, Hypertension, ear apex, bleed, coronary vascular subcortex, decrease B.P., liver 2, occiput, forehead, shympathetic, Hypotension, hypotension, lung 1, posterior hypothalamus, lung 2, anterior hypothalamus, raise B.P., pituitary 2, endocrine 2, heart 2, Coronary heart disease, chest 2, small intestine, Heart attack, coronary trombosis, adrenal control, Vagus, stomach, angina, costalgia, cardiac arrhythmia, tachycardia, palpitations, fibrillation, bradycardia, hidden pulse, heat

Auriculoterapia. Desórdenes Respiratorios

Desórdenes respiratorios


Common cold, fever, headache, resist allergies, ressist inflamation, stuffy nose, relieve sore throat, cough, internal nose, bleed ear apex, helix, dizzines area, liver, spleen, trachea, bronchus, stop asma, lung 2, endocrine 2, allergic area, adrenal 2, fever, headache, aches, pains, cough, palatine tonsillitis, otitis, larygopharyngitis, watery nasal drip, adrenal 2, post-nasal drip, allergy area, nasopharynx, Sympathetic, allergic sinusitis, rinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, hyposmia, sinusitis, snoring, apnea, mouth, chest, sanjiao, larynx, acute laryngopharyngitis, tonsilitis, palatine, tonsil, glottis, helix 6, globus hystericus, esophagus, cough, point zero, shenmen, ipsilateral lung, contralateral lung, asthma 1, asthma 2, bronchus, occiput, brain stern, bleed ear apex, bronchitis, stop asthma, stress control, adrenal 2, antigen-antibody excess, bronchial constriction, relieve inflammation, enhaces immunity, kidney deficiency asthma, pulmonary heart disease, coronary vascular subcortex, bronchiectasis, dr. Huang, emphysema, broncho-pneumonia, pneumonia, thoracic vertebrae, thalamus, triple warmer, pleurisy